Video is fast becoming a must-have for B2B marketers.

If you’re in the business of selling products and services to other businesses, you’ve likely considered adding video to your marketing mix if you’re not using it already. And if you’re still on the fence, new research says video is quickly going from a nice-to-have to a must-have. It’s the most widely consumed content type on the internet today and that’s reflected in the B2B world, too.

These days, your prospects do the bulk of their research online long before connecting with your sales team. You want them to find your content, and a great video will grab and hold their attention, be highly informative, and connect on an emotional level by drawing on the powers of story-telling, bold imagery and a dynamic audio track.

And 59% of decision makers would prefer watching a video over reading an article or a blog post, according to news shared by Forbes.

Video isn’t just popular. It works.

Embedding a video on your landing page can boost conversion rates by as much as 80%, according to Forbes. And a recent Forrester report adds that including video in an email can deliver a giant 200 to 300% leap in click-through rate.

Video boasts other advantages, too, like improved brand recall. Motion and sound aid memory and a HubSpot report backs that up saying that 80% of people recall videos viewed in the past month. Just be sure your video accurately reflects your brand—logos, graphics, fonts, colors, copy tone and voice should all be on brand so viewers know who they’re engaging with, and will begin forging an emotional connection with your brand.

Videos also drive traffic better than other types of content, which can improve your website’s SEO numbers. And video performs well whether it’s viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Overcoming challenges to producing quality videos

A lack of budget, a lack of in-house resources and the difficulties of creating compelling content are top reasons why many companies still opt out of doing video. But these challenges can be overcome or at least minimized.

You can keep costs down while maintaining quality by keeping videos short. Start with a solid script, and don’t try to pack everything in. Tell one story at a time. When appropriate, use stock footage. Be creative and mix in simple motion graphics to spice things up.

If in-house resources are limited, consider partnering with an outside agency with a proven record of producing quality videos affordably. A good creative agency can help you create beautiful, well-produced video content that—as the numbers above demonstrate—will boost your conversion rates, click-through rates and brand recall.

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