The Building Blocks of a Brand Mission Statement

A mission statement, by definition, is a summary of the aims and values of a company, organization or individual. When it comes to your brand, having a concise and collected idea of what your goals are allows you to effectively achieve them.

We’ve compiled a series of questions to ask you stakeholders about your business and explained why each is important. Use these as a guide in building a definable and actionable brand mission statement.

What do you do?

What solutions or services do you bring and why is that important to your industry? Think simple. Don’t confuse your message with convoluted language.

Who do you do it for?

Go beyond the specific types of people and businesses your company serves by hitting on the specific pain points of these people and their businesses, and how you can relate.

Why do you do it?

Thinking about the root of your passion and your business’ practices allows you to better evaluate why it is important to the industry at large.

How do you do it?

In any industry, there are going to be other companies that do the same things you do. What makes you different? What part of your offering do you own that competitors don’t?

What image do you want to convey?

Are you traditional and trusted? Are you crazy, creative and fun? Either position can be a compelling one if you own that niche and don’t try to be everything to everyone. Establish that identity, and base future brand marketing campaigns around it.

What’s your ultimate goal?

Do you want to raise awareness? Do you want to show people how easy their lives could be with your product? Do you want to be an industry thought leader? Focus your goals so you can create campaigns designed to reach them.

Your mission is who you are. When you know exactly who you are and can write it down, it becomes easier to build your business out from that hub. Brand marketing starts with knowing your brand and what it delivers, and ends with developing passion within your company, your partners, and your consumers for the awesome things that you do.

Have you defined your business’ brand mission statement? How has it made your marketing more effective? Share your experience with us in a comment below!

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