Quality vs. Quantity: Striking a Content Marketing Balance in the B2B Space

Marketing, in some shape or form, has been around a long time. As long as creating content that boosts interest in your company has been around, the question of quality vs. quantity has been there right beside it. My answer to the age-old question is this: it’s not a battle, there is no “vs.” The best content marketing gurus know how to create high quantities of quality content.

Now you ask: how can I do that? While there is no definitive formula for creating high-quality content at a particular pace, best practices can guide you. Check out these tips to get you moving in the right direction:

Keep variety alive.

Don’t write about the same things over and over again. Think about the key topics you want to be known for and cycle through different approaches to those topics. Switch between lists, case studies and collections of quotes. Think of the kind of content you wish you were reading, and then create it yourself.

Reach out to thought leaders.

Connecting with thought leaders and seeing if they’re interested in contributing a guest post to your blog (or vice versa) is another way to build your brand and garner attention. Readers will connect your blog with the thought leader’s expertise, which will be an added boost for any company’s content marketing efforts.

Love your lists.

In such a fast-paced world, people don’t have the attention span to read through thick blocks of text. Heavy, long paragraphs are daunting enough to make any person click away without reading. Repeat this mantra: love the list. Quick lists with bullet points and numbered information can be read rapidly, and your busy customers will love that.

Connect to current events.

Most topics have been written about before, but a beneficial way to talk about an old topic in a new way is by connecting it to a current event. This helps you stay relevant and creative while sharing your ideas and best practices openly.

Always consider the take-aways.

Before you write anything, ask yourself what value it will bring to the person reading it. If you have trouble coming up with the benefits, it might be time to rethink your content. There are a lot of good ideas out there; you want to produce a great idea.

Like the late Ray Bradbury once said, “You only fail if you stop writing.”

Keep moving forward to create the best content possible and get it out frequently.  You’ll find people connecting with it.

How has your B2B company addressed the quality vs. quantity dilemma?  Share your experience with us!

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