Overcoming Marketer’s Block

Overcome Marketers Block

It happens to writers, musicians and artists. And, yes, it happens to marketers, too.

We call it marketer’s block. It’s that moment when you find yourself and your brand at a standstill, constantly questioning what’s next and lacking the insight to set your course.

The problem is that stagnancy and success don’t mix. To move the needle, you need to make moves.

But what do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Take a step back. Clear your mind and expectations. And conduct a high-level marketing audit.

Follow these three steps to gain insights, get inspired and guide your future marketing efforts.

  1. Assess the competition – Look for what’s making an impact and what’s a bust. Are there any tactics that you should be leveraging? Try to view competitive offerings and messaging from your customers’ standpoint.
  2. Evaluate your marketing – Determine what tactics hit their numbers and what fell short. Are you connecting with your customers? Set benchmarks for your marketing moving forward.
  3. Look to other industries – Borrow ideas—both B2B and consumer—and tweak them for your business and your customers. An unexpected tactic could prove to be a marketing breakthrough.

The key is to not look at your marketing in a vacuum. You’ve got to look outside of what you’re doing, to what’s working for your competition and even in other industries.

Know that change necessitates change. Just because you’ve marketed one way forever doesn’t mean you should continue down the same path. But if your marketing ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Refine and refresh, but keep moving forward.

About Margie MacLachlan

Known around these parts as Queen of the Clan, Margie is the driving force behind the planning and strategic content development we perform for our clients. Imparting her will and wisdom, she pushes us to challenge conventional thinking, to make our customers' marketing programs more compelling, and to craft content worthy of their brands and relevant to their audiences.