In the News: The Marketing and IT Relationship

Marketing and IT couldn’t be more different, yet they’re both charged with the same objective: disseminating information, generating leads and driving sales. And they depend on one another to make that happen. But, like any partnership, there are plenty of speed bumps.

Imagine a world where marketing and IT finally achieve a blissful partnership. It’s possible — but each side has to give a little.

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With a long history of, shall we say, ‘irreconcilable differences’, discussion abounds around how to save the marketing and IT relationship. Check out these recent articles on the topic.

Will CMOs Outspend CIOs? Wrong Question
Information Week, October 22, 2012

Instead of focusing on who controls tech dollars, IT pros should focus on why companies need more tech in marketing and where they can fill those needs.  It’s not just about marketing, but digitizing more customer interactions and creating a new function across marketing, tech, product development, and customer experience that doesn’t exist today.

Gartner Says Every Budget is Becoming an IT Budget
Daily Finance, October 22, 2012

Organizations are digitizing segments of business, such as moving marketing spend from analog to digital, or digitizing the research and development budget. They are digitizing how they service clients in order to drive higher client retention and are turning digitization into new revenue streams. This is resulting in every budget becoming an IT budget.

How are your marketing and IT departments working together?  Share your experience with a comment!

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Emily Conley is an Account Executive at Tartan Marketing, and brings her digital marketing experience to help some of our key clients incorporate online and interactive technologies into their overall marketing plans. She also leverages a background in content development and strategic planning to help B2B food ingredient, healthcare and technology companies plan, manage and execute marketing strategies that drive results.

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