4 Ways Interactive Sales Presentations Shorten Your Selling Cycle

Figure out how to shorten your company’s selling cycle, and you can look forward to a bright and lucrative marketing career. When the most important touch point in the B2B sales funnel is the face-to-face pitch, your team needs effective sales tools that help them close faster. But, let’s face it. Your 60-slide PowerPoint isn’t exactly what you’d call “engaging.” There has to be a better way, right?

An interactive sales presentation can help you lock down a more consistent brand message, while giving your sales team the flexibility to adapt to different selling situations—and move your prospects further down the sales funnel in four key ways.

1. Empower the sales organization to sell strategically

It’s integrated. An interactive sales presentation marries your marketing story with the sales team’s need for agility. 

As a marketer, you want sales to deliver a message that’s consistently on brand and supports your story. Why else would you have worked so hard to craft that perfect value proposition? But sales needs something flexible enough to adapt to each customer—no two of whom are alike—and talk to them in the context of their real-world business problems.

An interactive sales presentation defines the messaging sandbox for your sales team, helping your reps develop the more consultative approach they need to sell more effectively. It aligns your customers’ pains to your value story and solutions, wrapping it all up with easy navigation. This allows your sales reps to take each customer down a unique path that connects the dots between what matters to your customer and how your solutions meet those needs.

2. Focus on what matters. Skip over the rest.

It’s flexible. The interactive format gives you free reign to deliver a meaningful, engaging sales experience in unlimited ways.

Most B2B purchases involve multiple decision makers who seek different information. What the CEO wants may not be what marketing, purchasing or the people in the trenches care about. How do you cover it all in one tool?

The beauty of an interactive sales presentation is that you don’t have to bore every audience with the same story. When structured correctly, it makes every piece of content available in one or two clicks. Without the linear PowerPoint format, your salespeople can go beyond “presenting” to open up real dialog with customers, using the tool fluidly to dig deep on what’s important and skip what’s not—without interrupting the presentation flow.

Want to see an interactive presentation in action? Check out our blog post on the benefits of interactive sales presentations and fill out the download form.

3. Consolidate diverse sales assets into one tool

It’s robust. You can embed multiple media formats—from PDFs to video and sales apps—to create one truly integrated tool.

Having the right support information on hand can be the difference between closing the sale today or coming back later. An interactive sales presentation lets you combine different types of rich content, so it’s easily accessible from one place.

Forget gathering up case studies, sell sheets, videos, testimonials and ROI calculators before every sales call. All those assets can be embedded right into the tool, so sales can address purchase barriers on the spot—without needing to follow up later with information—and provide the backup needed to close the sale.

4. Customize the sales presentation—without really customizing the sales presentation

It’s just plain cool. In a competitive business world, interactive, rich-media presentations stand out and make an impact.

Combining web-like navigation with high-impact, brochure-like graphics, an interactive sales presentation lets you frame your story and arrange content in the order that makes sense. You can use pop ups, rollovers and hidden content to guide the discussion and show how you can solve specific business problems, so your presentation appears customized to the needs of each customer.

The key to developing an effective sales tool is in planning the right content, structure and assets. Do it right, and before long, maybe you’ll be able to hit your boss up for a raise.

Download our infographic to learn how PowerPoint decks stack up against interactive sales presentations.

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Tartan Marketing president, Jim MacLachlan, has more than 20 years of experience in marketing management, sales segmentation and strategic selling.

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