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By November 9, 2012Customer Messaging

Understanding the customer experience and what pulls customers through the sales cycle is more important today than ever before (and it was pretty important before). Gone are the days of product-attribute marketing; modern B2B customers demand personalized attention. Here are some of this week’s top customer-centric news articles for your enrichment — and to save you some time scouring the net. You’re welcome.

From Customer To Fan – Top CEOs Share Insights for Today and Tomorrow
Forbes, November 8, 2012

The difference between good and great companies is that customers of the latter are more than just customers; they’re fans. In this article, Forbes contributor Robert Reiss conducts a face-to-face round table of leaders whose companies have true fans in the real estate, television, phone, technology, automobile and retail industries. The companies that are succeeding understand customers as individuals and predict the customer service experience they will want. The more digital we become, the more valuable genuine individual connections will be.

3 Ways Improv Training Can Improve Customer Service
Fast Company, November 8, 2012

Frontline staff members are key to any brand’s customer experience. They are the ones who interact with customers, respond to customer needs, and ultimately deliver the service. The best services are also the ones that feel improvised. Customers respond poorly to those that feel robotic, automatic, or overly rehearsed. They want to be treated like individuals and know their situation is being handled based on their specific needs in the moment. We can learn several valuable lessons about how to create a better customer service experience from improv: loosen the script, train to improvise and stay in character!

Improve Employee Engagement to Maintain Loyal Customers
CMS Wire, November 7, 2012

The millennial era has introduced massive technology change, forcing companies to abandon business as usual thinking. Companies need to re-think their business growth strategy, how they optimize their core business processes and how they improve engagement and both the employee and customer experience. Many companies embark on this journey beginning with the end customer — but to offer truly compelling end-customer experiences, all employees must play a role. It is critical to create a client-centric organization at all levels.

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