Get Over Yourself: It’s About the Customer, Not You

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Let us ask you a question, and answer with complete honesty. What is the goal of your business?

If your key messaging reads something like “Celebrating 25 years” or “Quality supplier since 1985,” you may have the wrong focus.

You’re here to provide products and services that make your customers’ lives easier. When you make your customers happy, you make money.

To do this effectively you need to move beyond self-serving messaging and put your customers’ needs first. Not yours.

Don’t think simply about what your company is or does—or what you think your customers may want and like.  Ask them. Learn what makes your customers tick, what grabs their attention and what makes them take action.

This is being customer-centric.

You must carry this mentality through everything you do—from your brand story, to product design and ordering, to service, support and all of your marketing efforts.

  • Before you add a new feature to your offering, ask “Does the customer want this? Will they pay for it? Will it make their life easier?”
  • When designing packaging or your next print ad, consider “Will this resonate? Will the customer get it? Does it soothe a customer pain point?
  • If you’re thinking about introducing a new component of service, question “Will this improve the customer’s overall experience?”

Get all this right and the sales will follow.

Prioritizing your offering and messaging around your customers’ needs will allow you to create the products, services and experiences that enable you to be a true, valued partner.

When you do this, you’ll attract the right customers—and more of them. Again and again. Customers who are loyal and who champion your brand.

These are the customers you want—and customer centricity will help you get there.

About Jim MacLachlan

Tartan Marketing president, Jim MacLachlan, has more than 20 years of experience in marketing management, sales segmentation and strategic selling.

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