5 Insights You Can Learn From Your Blog Analytics

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A blog is an amazing business tool for B2B marketers. Not only is it a means of sharing valuable information with existing customers, it can also fuel your inbound marketing strategy by boosting your SEO.

SEO blog analytics

According to HubSpot, businesses that blog 20+ times a month generate five times more traffic than businesses that blog less than four times a month. That’s lead generation gold, right there. Especially when your blog helps funnel traffic through the buying cycle, by linking to audience-specific landing pages, email capture pages or additional resources. But if you’re not also measuring the performance of your content, you’re missing out on opportunities to make it even better.

Here are five of the 10 metrics HubSpot says bloggers should be tracking, and what you can learn from each: Read More

Are New Web Domains Good or Bad for Brands?

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We’re all familiar with web domains such as .com and .org and .net — called “top-level domains” (TLDs) by the non-profit corporation responsible for preserving the Internet’s operational stability, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). As of Monday, ICANN voted to introduce new top-level domains, meaning that web destinations ending with .paris and .doritos are in our very near future.

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Building a Better B2B Website

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We recently celebrated our 10th birthday. In marketing-years, that’s a long time. And it seems even longer when you consider how long we’ve actually been in the business. It’s safe to say (in the words of Bob Dylan), the times, they have a-changed. Digital and interactive are no longer just departments within marketing agencies — they have become agencies — in and of themselves.
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