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Video is fast becoming a must-have for B2B marketers.

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If you’re in the business of selling products and services to other businesses, you’ve likely considered adding video to your marketing mix if you’re not using it already. And if you’re still on the fence, new research says video is quickly going from a nice-to-have to a must-have. It’s the most widely consumed content type on the internet today and that’s reflected in the B2B world, too. Read More

3 Tips for Making Peace Between Sales and Marketing

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This blog post was originally written last year, because we know how critical a cooperative relationship between your sales and marketing teams is to your business.

We were delighted when LinkedIn’s new ebook, “The Power Couple,” dropped this fall revealing that more firms see the need for collaboration, but many still struggle with how to get there.

We thought it might help to revisit our blog post for some ideas.

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Subject matter experts

Forbes says subject matter experts are the new rainmakers. We agree.

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In a recent Forbes article on the 10 trends that will drive business success in 2017, subject matter experts (SMEs) topped the list of what will grow revenue for B2B companies.

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? We all know a few great sales people who can go beyond just schlepping a product—people who work hard to understand customers’ pains and problems, and can align product and service solutions to address them. Of course, our challenge as sales and marketing leaders is that only about 20% of sales people have been in the industry long enough and intuitively get how to demonstrate subject matter expertise.

Imagine what could happen if your other 80% could solve customer problems like your top performers do. How would that change the game? How would it affect your ability to achieve results?  Read More

own the pitch

The Secret to Winning Enterprise Accounts

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Picture this: It’s EOD Thursday, and John from Sales knocks on your door. He’s pitching a huge account on Monday. It’s an enterprise account—one that’ll fundamentally change business for your company. John asks if you can give his presentation a once-over, so “you know, it looks good and sounds smart from a marketing perspective.”

You got it, John! Then he drops a 100-page hard copy of his PowerPoint on your desk and whistles his way out of your office. Read More

Getting sales in step with marketing

3 Reasons Why Your Salesforce Doesn’t Focus on Your Marketing Goals

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Imagine the day when your salesforce is totally in sync with your marketing goals. When they’re laser-focused on selling high-margin, strategic solutions that address real customer needs and drive profitable growth.

That’s the dream of every sales and marketing leader, so how come reality doesn’t always work out that way? You’ve equipped your sales organization with reams of market knowledge, segmentation data, customer personas, competitive insights and selling tools. Yet it’s like all your hard work ends up in a big black hole. They don’t use it, you don’t hit your numbers and everyone’s frustrated.

Here are three reasons why your marketing efforts might not be paying off—and how an interactive sales playbook can help you get your sales organization to sell more strategically.  Read More

3 Tips for Making Peace Between Sales and Marketing

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Sales and marketing functions have been siloed entities since time immemorial — warring factions that often forget they’re working towards the same goal. Day in and day out, in companies all over the world, sales and marketing butt heads.

Sales thinks marketing doesn’t understand how they communicate with customers, and that the tools created in a boardroom don’t apply in the real world. Marketing thinks sales is too stubborn to execute their brilliantly strategic program. (There are multiple touchpoints for a reason!)

Who’s right? They’re both right. Read More

B2B Sales: 4 Steps to Selling Beyond Purchasing

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These days, rising costs are keeping everyone up at night. Increasingly in the B2B sales cycle, the decision to work with one vendor over another comes down to a single factor: price. And unless you’re willing to significantly cut your margins, there will always be someone who’s cheaper.

The problem with boiling down a purchase decision to price is the underlying assumption that all other things are equal. When purchasing is responsible for vendor decisions, they are focused on the bottom line. That’s their job. They aren’t necessarily concerned with why your product or service is different.

So, if you don’t want to compete on price alone, you need to sell beyond purchasing.   Read More