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What Dads Can Teach Us About Marketing

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It’s almost that time of year again when we celebrate dads. You know, those guys who taught us how to ride our bikes. Who taught us how to fix things around the house. Who taught us that a boo-boo on our knee wasn’t the end of the world. And who always had our backs. No matter what.

Dads are pretty cool—and pretty smart, too. They’re full of life lessons, like the ones listed above. They also taught you some great insights on marketing, if you were paying attention. Read More

Mother's Day

Show Some Love: What Marketers Can Learn from Mother’s Day

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’re reminded of the importance of showing those we value some love. But don’t forget about those special people you value at work, too. And no, we’re not talking about Wendy in accounting. We’re talking about your customers. You know, those people who, without them, your business wouldn’t exist. The ones your mission statement says you’re dedicated to serve. The ones you went through hoops to win over.

Yeah, they matter—and you have to prove this to them every once in a while. Why? Read More

Build your case for a bigger marketing budget

5 Tips on Building Your Business Case for a Bigger Marketing Budget

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“We want you to grow the business 15%—but no, we haven’t increased your marketing budget.”

You’re a marketer, so you’ve likely found yourself in a similar situation, facing an aggressive growth goal with an unrealistic marketing budget and a “make it happen” mandate.

You know that in order to move the needle, you need a budget that will support real growth. So shouldn’t your budget increase proportionately to growth expectations? Yes, it should. But it hasn’t. Why? Because you don’t deserve it. It’s simple: you haven’t yet made a strong business case to justify additional funds. Follow these five tips to get the budget you need to make growth happen.

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What James Franco Can Teach B2B Marketers About Diverse Marketing Techniques

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James Franco? Yes, the guy maybe best known for playing a friend turned foe who goes toe to toe with Spider-Man, and for his Oscar-nominated portrayal of a hiker who survived a hiking disaster in 127 Hours. That James Franco. You also may have seen him in Ford’s “Nearly Double” Super Bowl ad.

It may be surprising to hear that B2B marketers can learn a lot from this Hollywood superstar, but it’s true. We’ll look at Franco’s 2013 to explain why.

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Direct Response Marketing: The Comeback?

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Marketing has been an interesting and dynamic world since Gutenberg’s invention of movable type back in the 1400s, which allowed for the first flyers and brochures to be printed. The word “marketing” itself dates back to the late 1800s and has come a long way in the past century, much less the last few decades. The evolution has acted as a catalyst for marketers everywhere to abandon their classic approaches and latch on to something new.

This begs the question: is that a good idea? As of late, the internet has been B2B marketing’s darling.  A lot of tried-and-true practices fell by the wayside with its advent, one practice in particular being direct response marketing. Now that this practice isn’t as widely adopted as it used to be, an opportunity for innovation has emerged.  The next era of direct response marketing is coming — here are a few ways you can stay ahead of the curve by re-adopting this classic tactic in new ways. Read More

Quality vs. Quantity: Striking a Content Marketing Balance in the B2B Space

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Marketing, in some shape or form, has been around a long time. As long as creating content that boosts interest in your company has been around, the question of quality vs. quantity has been there right beside it. My answer to the age-old question is this: it’s not a battle, there is no “vs.” The best content marketing gurus know how to create high quantities of quality content.

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In the News: The Marketing and IT Relationship

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Marketing and IT couldn’t be more different, yet they’re both charged with the same objective: disseminating information, generating leads and driving sales. And they depend on one another to make that happen. But, like any partnership, there are plenty of speed bumps.

Imagine a world where marketing and IT finally achieve a blissful partnership. It’s possible — but each side has to give a little. Read More

Mad Men Wisdom – Part 2

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Mad Men, the wonderfully misogynist television show we all love to… love, is back in all its martini-soaked glory for a fifth season. We couldn’t be more thrilled. But let us not focus on the skirt-chasing antics (this blog is a place for respectable professionals, after all) and talk about what we, in 2012, can glean from these words of wisdom from season five. (Read part one of this multi-part series.) Read More

5 Reasons You Should Meet Clients in Person

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For companies in the digital age, there is a whole host of technologies that facilitate virtual interaction with customers. Email, Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting, texting, social media — heck, even the phone. And we use them in the name of efficiency. To save valuable time for ourselves and our clients. But what are we sacrificing?

No matter what we sell, we’re all in the business of serving people. And in the B2B space, we’re talking important decision makers and products and services with bigger price tags. Which means there’s more at stake.

Sure, conference calls and instant messages are convenient, but as Rene Shimada Siegel points out in an insightful article for, we’re only going to be successful if we truly get to know our customers and colleagues. Face-to-face. In person. Here are five reasons why real, live meetings trump virtual ones. Read More