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5 Must-haves to Make Your Marketing Automation Dominate

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Marketers leverage marketing automation software to nurture their prospects into long-term customers with positive and profitable relationships. The fact is, however, this goal isn’t easily realized. Marketing automation isn’t foolproof, and many marketers are paying the price in wasted resources and missed opportunities because they’ve failed to adequately develop their marketing automation strategy.

Use these five insights to ensure your marketing automation program dominates, from creation to execution. Read More

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Don’t Put Your Marketing Automation on Autopilot

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Marketing automation promises a lot—from streamlining your marketing to increasing your leads and growing your business. However, your success isn’t automatic, and marketing automation often isn’t the silver bullet it’s made out to be.

It’s not your marketing department. It doesn’t replace your sales team. And it certainly isn’t a set-and-forget tool.

In fact, marketing automation requires considerable strategizing and execution to get an effective program up and running. To assure your investment is built on a rock-solid foundation, you’ll need some good, old-fashioned hard work in the following four areas. Read More