4 Ways Interactive Sales Presentations Shorten Your Selling Cycle

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Figure out how to shorten your company’s selling cycle, and you can look forward to a bright and lucrative marketing career. When the most important touch point in the B2B sales funnel is the face-to-face pitch, your team needs effective sales tools that help them close faster. But, let’s face it. Your 60-slide PowerPoint isn’t exactly what you’d call “engaging.” There has to be a better way, right?

An interactive sales presentation can help you lock down a more consistent brand message, while giving your sales team the flexibility to adapt to different selling situations—and move your prospects further down the sales funnel in four key ways.

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Making VOC insights work harder

3 Ways VOC Insights Power Up Your Marketing Efforts

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Get inside the minds of your customers—really understand what makes them tick—and you’d know exactly what it takes to convince them to buy your product or service.

If you want a skewed perception of your customers’ needs, just start and end with feedback from your sales organization. But if you want to truly understand your customers, cut out internal biases and go to the source to get first-hand Voice of Customer (VOC) insights. Successful VOC initiatives engage customers directly to pinpoint their challenges, recognize their motivations and uncover new sales opportunities.

By actually listening to the customer, you’ll not only gain loyalty points but also the insights you need to improve your marketing programs. Here are three ways VOC insights can help you drive stronger marketing results. Read More

Build your case for a bigger marketing budget

5 Tips on Building Your Business Case for a Bigger Marketing Budget

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“We want you to grow the business 15%—but no, we haven’t increased your marketing budget.”

You’re a marketer, so you’ve likely found yourself in a similar situation, facing an aggressive growth goal with an unrealistic marketing budget and a “make it happen” mandate.

You know that in order to move the needle, you need a budget that will support real growth. So shouldn’t your budget increase proportionately to growth expectations? Yes, it should. But it hasn’t. Why? Because you don’t deserve it. It’s simple: you haven’t yet made a strong business case to justify additional funds. Follow these five tips to get the budget you need to make growth happen.

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3 Tips for Making Peace Between Sales and Marketing

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Sales and marketing functions have been siloed entities since time immemorial — warring factions that often forget they’re working towards the same goal. Day in and day out, in companies all over the world, sales and marketing butt heads.

Sales thinks marketing doesn’t understand how they communicate with customers, and that the tools created in a boardroom don’t apply in the real world. Marketing thinks sales is too stubborn to execute their brilliantly strategic program. (There are multiple touchpoints for a reason!)

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In the News: The Marketing and IT Relationship

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Marketing and IT couldn’t be more different, yet they’re both charged with the same objective: disseminating information, generating leads and driving sales. And they depend on one another to make that happen. But, like any partnership, there are plenty of speed bumps.

Imagine a world where marketing and IT finally achieve a blissful partnership. It’s possible — but each side has to give a little. Read More