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3 Ways Buyer Personas Enhance the Customer Connection

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The misconception that the B2B purchase decision is based purely on logic must be set straight. That truth is, we humans rely more on the emotion and instinct from the right side of our brain, than the logical and rationalized reasoning from the left side. Yes, even in B2B marketing. Your challenge is to master this right-brain selling—and connect with the intuitive side of our customers so sales messages resonate with their needs, pressures and preferences.

How? One way is by creating buyer personas of your target audience(s). Read More

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Get Over Yourself: It’s About the Customer, Not You

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Let us ask you a question, and answer with complete honesty. What is the goal of your business?

If your key messaging reads something like “Celebrating 25 years” or “Quality supplier since 1985,” you may have the wrong focus.

You’re here to provide products and services that make your customers’ lives easier. When you make your customers happy, you make money.

To do this effectively you need to move beyond self-serving messaging and put your customers’ needs first. Not yours. Read More

Making VOC insights work harder

3 Ways VOC Insights Power Up Your Marketing Efforts

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Get inside the minds of your customers—really understand what makes them tick—and you’d know exactly what it takes to convince them to buy your product or service.

If you want a skewed perception of your customers’ needs, just start and end with feedback from your sales organization. But if you want to truly understand your customers, cut out internal biases and go to the source to get first-hand Voice of Customer (VOC) insights. Successful VOC initiatives engage customers directly to pinpoint their challenges, recognize their motivations and uncover new sales opportunities.

By actually listening to the customer, you’ll not only gain loyalty points but also the insights you need to improve your marketing programs. Here are three ways VOC insights can help you drive stronger marketing results. Read More

Quality vs. Quantity: Striking a Content Marketing Balance in the B2B Space

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Marketing, in some shape or form, has been around a long time. As long as creating content that boosts interest in your company has been around, the question of quality vs. quantity has been there right beside it. My answer to the age-old question is this: it’s not a battle, there is no “vs.” The best content marketing gurus know how to create high quantities of quality content.

Read More

Brand Identity: 3 Tips for Preventing Audience Confusion

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A friend of Tartan shared this romance novel cover with us, and it gave us a good laugh. Why didn’t it worry us that this smut is splattered with our namesake? Because we have a well-defined brand identity and aesthetic that protect Tartan the Minneapolis marketing agency from being confused with other tartan references. B2B marketers, however, do find their brands under fire due to outside forces from time to time. Having a strong brand identity, and protecting that identity is the most powerful brand positioning tool an organization can be equipped with. It ensures your audience understands who you are in the marketplace. Read More

In the News: Focus on Customer Experience Improvement

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Understanding the customer experience and what pulls customers through the sales cycle is more important today than ever before (and it was pretty important before). Gone are the days of product-attribute marketing; modern B2B customers demand personalized attention. Here are some of this week’s top customer-centric news articles for your enrichment — and to save you some time scouring the net. You’re welcome. Read More

If You Can’t Say Something Authentic, Don’t Say Anything at All

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We’ve been talking quite a bit about brand these days. Specifically, our belief that every brand — no matter what kind of product or service it represents — has a unique story. And that it’s our job as marketers to help clients tell that story in an honest, authentic, and memorable way. Because it’s also our job to help clients “move the needle” and accomplish measurable results.

The concept of “story,” especially in the business-to-business realm, is often met with skepticism. The very word calls to mind fairy tales and works of fiction — hardly the stuff successful big-bucks marketing campaigns are built upon. Read More