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By December 23, 2010Websites

We recently celebrated our 10th birthday. In marketing-years, that’s a long time. And it seems even longer when you consider how long we’ve actually been in the business. It’s safe to say (in the words of Bob Dylan), the times, they have a-changed. Digital and interactive are no longer just departments within marketing agencies — they have become agencies — in and of themselves.

The world of business isn’t being driven by the web — it’s being driven by Web 2.0 — and all the social, digital and interactive components therein. Technology and innovation are moving at the speed of light, and for business owners, it’s difficult to stay on top of where they’re headed (or where they might be headed next).

We recently gave our own website a bit of a facelift (okay, it was a head-to-toe overhaul) to make sure we’re giving our clients the best and most relevant information possible — to keep them in the loop where marketing insight and new technologies are concerned. We want to help our clients solve their business challenges while having a little fun in the process.

Which brings us to the educational portion of this inaugural blog entry — how to build a better B2B website. With most consumer websites, it’s about immediacy — making a fast sale or sharing timely information. The goal for B2B websites is longer term — to build credibility for a transaction down the road.

Before you do anything, define what you want customers to get from your website and how it will help solve their challenges. Your goal is to deliver value. And make sure your website strategy syncs up with your overall business and marketing objectives.

Above all, you need to find the right balance of the “big three” components — content, design and technology. If you simply go to a design firm, you’ll get a good look. Likewise, a technology company will give you whiz-bang effects. But you need a partner that can give you the total package:


Offer compelling information that positions you as the expert and inspires viewers to come back for more. Keep your text scannable, snappy and Google-friendly. And, when planning your site’s navigation, make sure viewers can get to all key content within three clicks.


Show you’re legit by creating a professional look that complements your brand and reinforces your strengths.


Only leverage technologies that will make the site more accessible and meaningful to your target audience. Don’t overdo it! Remember, B2B customers have less time and less patience than consumer surfers — so faster is better.

To see how your website stacks up, e-mail us for a free web audit.


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