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Direct Response Marketing: The Comeback?

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Marketing has been an interesting and dynamic world since Gutenberg’s invention of movable type back in the 1400s, which allowed for the first flyers and brochures to be printed. The word “marketing” itself dates back to the late 1800s and has come a long way in the past century, much less the last few decades. The evolution has acted as a catalyst for marketers everywhere to abandon their classic approaches and latch on to something new.

This begs the question: is that a good idea? As of late, the internet has been B2B marketing’s darling.  A lot of tried-and-true practices fell by the wayside with its advent, one practice in particular being direct response marketing. Now that this practice isn’t as widely adopted as it used to be, an opportunity for innovation has emerged.  The next era of direct response marketing is coming — here are a few ways you can stay ahead of the curve by re-adopting this classic tactic in new ways. Read More

Brand Identity: 3 Tips for Preventing Audience Confusion

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A friend of Tartan shared this romance novel cover with us, and it gave us a good laugh. Why didn’t it worry us that this smut is splattered with our namesake? Because we have a well-defined brand identity and aesthetic that protect Tartan the Minneapolis marketing agency from being confused with other tartan references. B2B marketers, however, do find their brands under fire due to outside forces from time to time. Having a strong brand identity, and protecting that identity is the most powerful brand positioning tool an organization can be equipped with. It ensures your audience understands who you are in the marketplace. Read More

In the News: Focus on Customer Experience Improvement

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Understanding the customer experience and what pulls customers through the sales cycle is more important today than ever before (and it was pretty important before). Gone are the days of product-attribute marketing; modern B2B customers demand personalized attention. Here are some of this week’s top customer-centric news articles for your enrichment — and to save you some time scouring the net. You’re welcome. Read More

In the News: The Marketing and IT Relationship

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Marketing and IT couldn’t be more different, yet they’re both charged with the same objective: disseminating information, generating leads and driving sales. And they depend on one another to make that happen. But, like any partnership, there are plenty of speed bumps.

Imagine a world where marketing and IT finally achieve a blissful partnership. It’s possible — but each side has to give a little. Read More