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The Founding Fathers: The Originators of the Brand Mythology

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As we ready our “out of office” auto-replies and mentally prepare for a day of star-spangled awesomeness, let’s take a few minutes to recognize a curious fact about the Declaration of Independence. Unbeknownst to its author, Thomas Jefferson (perhaps the greatest copywriter of his time), the Declaration wasn’t just the coming-out announcement of the United States of America as a new nation; it was also the first brand mythology. Read More

What James Franco Can Teach B2B Marketers About Diverse Marketing Techniques

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James Franco? Yes, the guy maybe best known for playing a friend turned foe who goes toe to toe with Spider-Man, and for his Oscar-nominated portrayal of a hiker who survived a hiking disaster in 127 Hours. That James Franco. You also may have seen him in Ford’s “Nearly Double” Super Bowl ad.

It may be surprising to hear that B2B marketers can learn a lot from this Hollywood superstar, but it’s true. We’ll look at Franco’s 2013 to explain why.

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