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Quality vs. Quantity: Striking a Content Marketing Balance in the B2B Space

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Marketing, in some shape or form, has been around a long time. As long as creating content that boosts interest in your company has been around, the question of quality vs. quantity has been there right beside it. My answer to the age-old question is this: it’s not a battle, there is no “vs.” The best content marketing gurus know how to create high quantities of quality content.

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Tartan Marketing Wins Three BMA B2 Awards of Excellence

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (May 22, 2013) — Local business-to-business marketing agency Tartan Marketing took home three “Awards of Excellence” from the Business Marketing Association (BMA)’s 2013 international B2 Awards competition. The B2 awards recognize innovative strategic and results-oriented creative work executed across a wide variety of platforms.

Tartan received awards in the Integrated Communications Program category for client Cargill Specialty Canola, in the Website category for, and in the Dimensional Direct Mailer category for a Cargill Corn Milling product launch.

• The integrated program for Cargill Specialty Canola promoted hybrid canola seed to Canadian growers through multiple tactics, including sales collateral, print and online advertising, and an interactive customer presentation tool.

• The website supports foodservice operators as a go-to resource for “all things burger,” offering trend articles, new burger ideas and mouthwatering burger imagery.

• The dimensional direct mailer for Cargill Corn Milling was used to secure client meetings with high-profile target accounts. It was part of an integrated product launch program for a proprietary, new sweetener.

Tartan’s three B2 awards were among a total of 13 given to Minnesota-based companies and agencies.

Tartan Marketing is a full-service B2B marketing agency that combines smart, intuitive strategies with fresh, compelling creative to help clients energize their brands and stimulate growth. For more information, contact Tartan Marketing at 877-321-7575, or visit

Doctor Who and the Art of the Value Proposition

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When the average BBC show lasts between six and ten years, it’s pretty impressive when one show can last for 50. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the classic British science fiction television show Doctor Who. A show that allows you to follow along on the adventures — some wacky, some somber — of a time-traveling alien known as the Doctor, his sentient space ship, and a series of lovable companions.

Fans of this seminal program are fanatically loyal. They buy the licensed products, anxiously await new episodes, partake in in-depth discussions about the philosophy and direction of the show, and are never afraid to recommend it to someone new. With 8 million worldwide viewers, it’s not the most popular show out there, but it sure is one of the most loved.

As a business, that’s the kind of loyalty you want for your brand. Read More

Mad Men Wisdom – Part 2

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Mad Men, the wonderfully misogynist television show we all love to… love, is back in all its martini-soaked glory for a fifth season. We couldn’t be more thrilled. But let us not focus on the skirt-chasing antics (this blog is a place for respectable professionals, after all) and talk about what we, in 2012, can glean from these words of wisdom from season five. (Read part one of this multi-part series.) Read More

5 Reasons You Should Meet Clients in Person

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For companies in the digital age, there is a whole host of technologies that facilitate virtual interaction with customers. Email, Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting, texting, social media — heck, even the phone. And we use them in the name of efficiency. To save valuable time for ourselves and our clients. But what are we sacrificing?

No matter what we sell, we’re all in the business of serving people. And in the B2B space, we’re talking important decision makers and products and services with bigger price tags. Which means there’s more at stake.

Sure, conference calls and instant messages are convenient, but as Rene Shimada Siegel points out in an insightful article for, we’re only going to be successful if we truly get to know our customers and colleagues. Face-to-face. In person. Here are five reasons why real, live meetings trump virtual ones. Read More

B2B Sales: 4 Steps to Selling Beyond Purchasing

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These days, rising costs are keeping everyone up at night. Increasingly in the B2B sales cycle, the decision to work with one vendor over another comes down to a single factor: price. And unless you’re willing to significantly cut your margins, there will always be someone who’s cheaper.

The problem with boiling down a purchase decision to price is the underlying assumption that all other things are equal. When purchasing is responsible for vendor decisions, they are focused on the bottom line. That’s their job. They aren’t necessarily concerned with why your product or service is different.

So, if you don’t want to compete on price alone, you need to sell beyond purchasing.   Read More