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Video is fast becoming a must-have for B2B marketers.

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If you’re in the business of selling products and services to other businesses, you’ve likely considered adding video to your marketing mix if you’re not using it already. And if you’re still on the fence, new research says video is quickly going from a nice-to-have to a must-have. It’s the most widely consumed content type on the internet today and that’s reflected in the B2B world, too. Read More

3 Tips for Making Peace Between Sales and Marketing

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This blog post was originally written last year, because we know how critical a cooperative relationship between your sales and marketing teams is to your business.

We were delighted when LinkedIn’s new ebook, “The Power Couple,” dropped this fall revealing that more firms see the need for collaboration, but many still struggle with how to get there.

We thought it might help to revisit our blog post for some ideas.

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Six things to think about before you update your B2B website

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It’s more critical than ever to have an up-to-date, contemporary website for your B2B enterprise. Prospects are deep into their online research long before they connect with a sales rep, so your site needs to make a great first impression—it’s your digital front door.

Critical as it is, it’s also a major project and it needs to be done right. Thinking about these 6 things before you jump in will help ensure your project goes smoothly.

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avoid a disastrous product launch

How to avoid a disastrous product launch

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Launching a new product can be as daunting as scaling the jagged cliffs of Scotland’s Dunnet Head. Today’s new-product failure rate is between 40% and 80%. Why? It could be bad timing, poor marketing support, or simply inferior product performance. But there’s another factor that often gets overlooked – having a sales force that’s not crystal-clear on its goals as it hits the road. Read More

No time for selfie value proposition

Avoid the perils of the “selfie” value proposition

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Developing a new value proposition? Don’t fall into the trap of gathering only internal input. Sure, your executives and sales pros can provide legit insights about your brand and the value it delivers in the marketplace. But focusing only on a shortcut “selfie” value prop could lead to – as the kids say – an epic fail. You need to turn outward to get a bigger perspective – including gathering feedback from customers and doing a thorough competitive review. Why? Three reasons.
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3 Tips for Making Peace Between Sales and Marketing

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Sales and marketing functions have been siloed entities since time immemorial — warring factions that often forget they’re working towards the same goal. Day in and day out, in companies all over the world, sales and marketing butt heads.

Sales thinks marketing doesn’t understand how they communicate with customers, and that the tools created in a boardroom don’t apply in the real world. Marketing thinks sales is too stubborn to execute their brilliantly strategic program. (There are multiple touchpoints for a reason!)

Who’s right? They’re both right. Read More

Quality vs. Quantity: Striking a Content Marketing Balance in the B2B Space

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Marketing, in some shape or form, has been around a long time. As long as creating content that boosts interest in your company has been around, the question of quality vs. quantity has been there right beside it. My answer to the age-old question is this: it’s not a battle, there is no “vs.” The best content marketing gurus know how to create high quantities of quality content.

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Tartan Marketing Wins Three BMA B2 Awards of Excellence

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (May 22, 2013) — Local business-to-business marketing agency Tartan Marketing took home three “Awards of Excellence” from the Business Marketing Association (BMA)’s 2013 international B2 Awards competition. The B2 awards recognize innovative strategic and results-oriented creative work executed across a wide variety of platforms.

Tartan received awards in the Integrated Communications Program category for client Cargill Specialty Canola, in the Website category for, and in the Dimensional Direct Mailer category for a Cargill Corn Milling product launch.

• The integrated program for Cargill Specialty Canola promoted hybrid canola seed to Canadian growers through multiple tactics, including sales collateral, print and online advertising, and an interactive customer presentation tool.

• The website supports foodservice operators as a go-to resource for “all things burger,” offering trend articles, new burger ideas and mouthwatering burger imagery.

• The dimensional direct mailer for Cargill Corn Milling was used to secure client meetings with high-profile target accounts. It was part of an integrated product launch program for a proprietary, new sweetener.

Tartan’s three B2 awards were among a total of 13 given to Minnesota-based companies and agencies.

Tartan Marketing is a full-service B2B marketing agency that combines smart, intuitive strategies with fresh, compelling creative to help clients energize their brands and stimulate growth. For more information, contact Tartan Marketing at 877-321-7575, or visit