5 Marketing Lessons from Fergie on Her 12th Birthday

By July 8, 2015Marketing Insights

You may know me as a master of napping and determined scrounger of treats, but I’ve learned a thing or two about marketing in my time. It’s not just bones and squeaky toys here. There’s some real knowledge in this pooch.

In celebration of my 12th birthday, I’d like to give you a rundown of the top five marketing lessons I’ve learned at Tartan Marketing.

1. It’s about the customer, not you

It’s not that your customers don’t care about your world-class manufacturing processes or that their sales rep always has a smile on her face. They’d just rather learn how all of this benefits their business. Focus your brand story on the value you deliver to customers.

2. Set your sales priorities—and stick to them

Sales teams are busy, often trying to balance sales initiatives of multiple product managers: selling a little of this here and a little of that there. However, selling willy-nilly doesn’t work in the long run. Your sales team needs focus, so give it to them with concrete, measurable goals and clear expectations.

3. It’s okay to experiment with what’s new

Everyone said social media didn’t matter for B2B marketing, but many brave marketers made it work for them. The takeaway? Just because something’s new or has roots in the B2C world, doesn’t mean it’s not right. It could be key to driving the story of your brand into the future.

4. Don’t just present, open a conversation with your customers

You want to put your customer to sleep? Pull up that boring, 100-slide presentation you share with everyone. I know this, and I’m a dog. The key to winning with customers today, is to go beyond “presenting” and have a real dialogue about their unique challenges. An interactive sales presentation can help you do this.

5. Your sales team doesn’t know everything

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure they’re great, smart people—and I bet they give a good belly rub. But to truly understand your customer, you must cut out internal biases. Voice of Customer (VOC) insights will help you learn exactly what makes your customer tick—so you can create better marketing and drive stronger results.

See? I told you there’s more to this dog than meets the eye. 84 years young and still learning!

Happy birthday, Fergie!

About Fergie

Keeping the office in line is a tough job, but someone has to do it. Fergie is our impossibly adorable mascot, admired for her no-nonsense attitude and her eternal optimism when it comes to patiently waiting for a table scrap. She’s a loyal, faithful companion and you can always count on her to greet you at the door should you ever stop by for a visit.

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