3 Ways VOC Insights Power Up Your Marketing Efforts

Making VOC insights work harder

Get inside the minds of your customers—really understand what makes them tick—and you’d know exactly what it takes to convince them to buy your product or service.

If you want a skewed perception of your customers’ needs, just start and end with feedback from your sales organization. But if you want to truly understand your customers, cut out internal biases and go to the source to get first-hand Voice of Customer (VOC) insights. Successful VOC initiatives engage customers directly to pinpoint their challenges, recognize their motivations and uncover new sales opportunities.

By actually listening to the customer, you’ll not only gain loyalty points but also the insights you need to improve your marketing programs. Here are three ways VOC insights can help you drive stronger marketing results.

Create a more engaging UX

You can count on your prospects to do their homework. In fact, 92% of them will start at your website to dig into your brand. So it’s critical that your website’s user experience (UX) meets their needs from the get-go. VOC insights are just the trick.

When talking to customers, pick their brains to understand what matters most to them and what they’re looking for when they go to your or your competitors’ websites. Then structure your website navigation and content intuitively to their thinking process, so they can get the info they need fast, in three clicks or less.

Ask customers what they think makes your brand unique. Incorporate the gems you unearth into content for your website messaging to differentiate your brand and more strongly resonate with customers.

More effectively lead and guide the sale

It’s all about getting customers through the sales funnel quicker, isn’t it? VOC insights can make it happen.

Get your customers talking about their business pains and their triggers, and develop a sales strategy that helps them recognize their challenges and why they must take action. Harness your knowledge of your customers’ businesses and become a strategic advisor for your customers, not just “guys trying to sell stuff.”

This will pay off in a trusted rapport you can leverage to help customers anticipate their future needs and sell deeper and more effectively across your portfolio.

Craft a best-in-class customer experience

You can bet there’s something about the way your business operates that bothers every one of your customers. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just reality. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Through VOC research, you can glean insights for improving customer-facing business practices and processes. Prompt customers to speak candidly about sales interactions, responsiveness of account managers, product and/or service delivery, customer support and the overall value they receive. Pay close attention to recurring themes in their feedback and take action to refine—or even overhaul—how you do things, to create a more positive customer experience and drive closer brand connections.

In today’s cutthroat business environment, you can’t assume that your sales organization knows all or that you’re completely in tune with your customers’ needs. They don’t, and you’re not. You need VOC insights. They’re not just the best way but the only way to truly understand your customer. Best of all, most customers are happy and willing to share with you. Who knows, your next customer phone call could make you a marketing hero.

Download an infographic with tips for harnessing VOC insights to craft impactful, targeted value messaging.

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Tartan Marketing president, Jim MacLachlan, has more than 20 years of experience in marketing management, sales segmentation and strategic selling.

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