3 Ways to Use Growth Hacking in Your Marketing Planning

By September 29, 2015Marketing Insights

As you gear up for your marketing planning, the “do more with less” mandate doesn’t have to be a pipedream. The secret? Growth hacking—a new modus operandi that’s disrupting the B2B marketing world as we know it.

For the unfamiliar, growth hacking (or growth hacker marketing) has its origins in start-ups. It’s a mindset born out of the need to skyrocket growth as fast as possible, using unconventional resources, on a limited marketing budget.

To acquire customers, maximize their lifetime value and increase revenue streams with a growth hacker mentality, think beyond the tried-and-true B2B marketing and sales playbook. Be aware of how you’re reaching your customers, recognize if any touchpoints are underleveraged and look for opportunities to make them work harder.

How we harnessed growth hacking to help three B2B companies enhance their business

1. Upgrading personal emails

Think of all the communications your teams (sales, accounting, customer service and more) send to customers every day. Create an email signature template with an editable spot for links that promote your thought leadership, like we did for ourselves and our foodservice client.

Encourage team members to change the promoted content—blog posts, case studies, whitepapers or videos, etc.—to be relevant to the receiving audience. It’s a low-cost, quickly implementable way to transform an everyday communication into a marketing vehicle that increases web hits.

2. Turning fleets into moving billboards

After we refreshed our client’s brandmark, updating the graphic wraps on their delivery truck fleet was our next step. To make a stronger impact and justify the spend, we leveraged the wraps as part of the marketing outreach plan, showcasing eye-catching graphics and clever brand messaging. With over 2.6 million people living in the Minneapolis–St.Paul area, our client’s fleet became 24 moving billboards that continue to capture attention and grow awareness for their services.

3. Making your packaging do more

For a small financial investment, enhancing your packaging can be an effective means to add value and stimulate growth. Try what we did for our foodservice client, to ensure their packaging reflected the brand’s reputation for innovation.

Traditionally, foodservice packaging is boring, lacking stopping power and brand-bolstering impact. We combined colorful, bold visuals with on-brand messaging, to help our client’s products break through the “blah”ness of the stockroom. Make your packaging go the extra mile by promoting thought leadership resources and website URLs. Create a case insert with similar content and additional offers for another meaningful touchpoint.

As your marketing planning gets underway, augment your traditional marketing with a growth hacker outlook, to stretch your budget further and reach customers in smarter, more effective ways.

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